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Recommended Knifemakers

We understand that the beauty and quality of a Damascus blade are not solely a product of the billet. A skilled knife maker plays a crucial role in bringing out the true potential of our steel. As a result, we have partnered with some of the most talented knife makers in the industry who are not only familiar with our steel but have created exceptional works of art using our products.

Our collaboration with these master artisans has resulted in a stunning collection of knives that showcase the unique patterns, performance, and beauty of Damaworks' Damascus steel. We highly recommend these knife makers for their unparalleled skill and commitment to their craft:

Wes Adkins has been handcrafting custom knives and edge tools for almost two decades in western Iowa. These heirloom-quality, full-tang, fixed-blade designs are tailored to individual user specifications and needs, focusing on ergonomic handle profiles for optimal user experience. Wes's personal involvement in various activities for which his knives are designed ensures that each creation is perfectly suited for its intended purpose. See more:

Burton Design Knives presents a remarkable range of premium pocket knives, perfect companions for everyday adventures. Each knife from their collection is crafted with meticulous precision, employing a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship. Built to last, these knives offer unparalleled versatility, ensuring readiness for any scenario. The brilliance of Burton Design Knives lies in the seamless integration of modern innovation and traditional expertise, delivering exceptional performance in any situation. See more:

MW Steel Works is renowned for crafting knives designed for various applications - from kitchen tasks and household duties to everyday adventures. Established by Marcus Williamson, MW Steel Works may be relatively young in the knife-making business, but Marcus carries the rich legacy of a third-generation metal worker. He aims to create versatile knives useful in various aspects of daily life. Crafted with passion and precision, MW Steel Works knives are functional and a testament to a longstanding family tradition of exceptional metalwork. See more:

Andrew Ausley, the creative force behind Vagary Knifeworks, is a passionate and highly relational knife maker driven by a childhood fascination with knives. With a unique artistic approach, he strives to craft functional blades that seamlessly blend aesthetics and usability. Meticulous attention to detail, impeccable finishes, and striking grinds define Andrew’s knives, reflecting his unwavering dedication to excellence. With each blade, he forges connections with others, creating pieces that resonate on a deeper level.  See more:

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