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General Information about our Damascus Steel Billets

Get your hands on the finest Damascus steel, with a range of carbon, stainless, titanium, and historical varieties available. Choose from a wide selection of patterns, from narrow to wide, wild to intricate.

Master blacksmith Markus Balbach crafts all our Damascus steel using his patented manufacturing process for stainless Damascus steel, developed over many years of research and refinement. Each piece is handcrafted using a traditional weld bonding process, ensuring pure and contaminant-free steel with seamless welding. The result is a knife with exceptional cutting performance, combining hardness, ductility, and low brittleness. In addition, all our Damascus steel is made with the finest source materials, producing fantastic quality. 

All products listed for sale on our site are in stock and ready for immediate shipment within the USA, allowing you to experience the quickest lead time in the market.

Our Damascus steel is available in various sizes, with a minimum width of 20mm (approx. 13/16 inch) and a maximum width of 60mm (2.36 inches). The thickness options range from 2mm (1/16 inch) to 10mm (over 3/8 inch). If you require custom sizing, please visit our contact page.

All of these are available in the following patterns:

Wild, Small Roses, Ferus, Band, Large Pyramids, Large Rhombi, Leopard,

Torsion, and Herringbone.

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BALBACHDAMAST® has been a specialist in Damascus steel since 1991 and has trademarked various types of damascus steel at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

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