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Damaworks Celebrates the Atlanta Blade Show with a Spectacular Sale

It's that time of the year when artisans, hobbyists, and knife enthusiasts from around the world gather to appreciate and celebrate the art of knifemaking: the Atlanta Blade Show. Although we at Damaworks cannot physically attend the event this year, we're thrilled to be part of the celebration in spirit and to share this enthusiasm with our valued customers.

In honor of the largest knife show globally, Damaworks is announcing a remarkable event: a 50% discount on all our products from May 31st through June 11th, 2023. This extraordinary sale is our way of sharing the spirit of the Blade Show with artisans across the nation, making high-quality Damascus steel more accessible to everyone.

From the beautiful patterns of our DSC® Inox Stainless Damascus Billets to the uniqueness of our M-48 Tank Barrel Damascus Billets, all our products embody the craftsmanship, quality, and creativity that the Blade Show celebrates. Each piece of our Damascus steel is hand-forged by master blacksmith Markus Balbach, ensuring the highest quality and aesthetics in every billet.

What makes this sale even more special? No coupon code is required to take advantage of it. That's right. You don't have to worry about forgetting a code at checkout or missing out on your discount. Moreover, our loyalty benefits apply to this promotion, making it an unbeatable opportunity to stock up on the best Damascus steel in the market.

While we cannot participate in person at the Atlanta Blade Show, we're excited to contribute to its spirit of craftsmanship and innovation through this significant online promotion. We're thrilled to announce that Damaworks will attend the 2023 Blade Show West in Utah. It's an event we're truly looking forward to, and we can't wait to meet many of you there!

So, whether you're a seasoned artisan, a hobbyist, or someone newly discovering the mesmerizing craft of knifemaking, our sale offers a golden opportunity to access the highest quality Damascus steel at an exceptional price.

Our fast, free shipping and 30-day worry-free return policy apply to all purchases, ensuring you can shop confidently and safely.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary event. Embrace the spirit of the Atlanta Blade Show, and enrich your craft with our finest Damascus steel offerings, now available at half the price!


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